Who We Are and What We Do... Rotherham Professional Driving Instructors Association

Rotherham Professional Driving Instructors Association (RPDIA), was formed 3 years ago and since then has remained the only local association for driving instructors in Rotherham and surrounding areas.

Instructors who care!

RPDIA has a three-fold duty of care:
Firstly, to the general public.
It is from the general public that we draw the majority of our clients. We have to work with our clients on the public highway and as such have a responsibility not to disrupt or endanger the general travelling public. We also have a general road safety responsibility and a duty to lead by example.
Secondly, to our clients.
We have a duty at all times to act in a professional and businesslike manner whilst promoting safe and courteous driving. To train our clients to the required standard using the correct procedures as specified by the Driving Standards Agency. We will at all times adhere to the DSA's code of conduct as it applies to driving instructors.
Thirdly, to our members.
We have a duty to protect and promote the interests of all our members. We take an active role in the Continuous Professional Development of our members and sustain a valuable network between ourselves and other external bodies such as the DVSA, professional organisations and local councils road safety officers.
Within this broad remit, Rotherham Professional Driving Instructors Association have developed a customer charter which reflects these values and to which all members agree to be bound. It can be examined on its own page.


Our members are the only local source of Instructors registered with

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