How long should a driving lesson be?

It has been said that;  “A cynic might say that a school offering one-hour lessons is simply trying to extract more money from each pupil, because they know that you could learn more quickly with 2-hour lessons!”. There are various opinions about how long a driving lesson should be.
Some instructors recommend 2 hour lessons, others only 1 hour.  However, a RPDIA registered instructor will always recommend a course of lessons which is best suited to your needs and which also complements the style in which the instructor works. Because we are all individuals, we all have different styles. RPDIA members are not clones. We think for ourselves!
Our members offer a range of driving lesson structures but one thing is for sure. They WILL NOT try to “extract” as much money from you as possible. In fact, the RPDIA code of conduct specifically prohibits the unnecessary “over-training” of pupils for this very reason.
RPDIA members offer you a choice of styles to suit you and your budget!